Regular workshops at our cosy space @ 110 Faber Drive

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Candles, floral bouquet, hampers, wine, events set-up

Our Story

Faber Vine is a father-daughter project set out to bring people together, as we hope to journey and empower people towards (re)discovering their unique strengths and gifting, through the use of creative art.

From floral jamming, candle-making, terrarium, pour art, to various creative means (of your choice!), we conduct regular workshops either at our cosy space at 110 Faber Drive, or at the comfort of your venue!

Julia is a registered social worker (RSW) turned entrepreneur. Prior to setting up her creative arts workshop space @ Faber Vine, she shared over four years of working experience in the youth social service sector. From street outreach, cyber engagement and intervention, pre-court diversionary programmes, to preventive and upstream programmes in schools, Julia worked with students at-risk of dropping out of school, facing mental health concerns and maladaptive coping, to planning and executing upstream developmental programmes aimed at enhancing students' executive function skills and learning capacities. Beyond working with these young lives, she also engaged families, volunteers and community partners from all walks of life.

Bringing people together through art-making, making meaning of significant life experiences, to living a life of resiliency, has been something Julia intentionally weaved in during her course of work, church ministry since 2011, to various fundraising projects since her university days.

We hope our work here continues to support each life in discovering their resiliencies, knowing that we can make the best, be the best, and live the best, wherever we are at in our lives.